Heeellllllooooo! If you didn’t already know, I’m Kayla! I'm originally from California (born and raised for 20 years!) I moved up to WA with my husband over 7 years ago! I’m a momma to two beautiful girls, they are my whole world! Even though I am a full time mommy, photography is my other baby. I take so much pride in my work, I pour my heart into every image. I want my photographs to show my couples exactly as they are, for you to see how beautiful you are, and to capture the love and emotion that my couples have for each other. After having my daughter did I really understand how important a photo is to someone. Thats when it clicked for me, I loved taking photos of my daughter, but getting behind the camera and capturing someone else's love story was what I knew I needed to pursue more of!

I started this business so I could fuel my passion, but most importantly so I could capture your authentic and honest love story. There's nothing better than being able to give someone something that they will cherish for a lifetime and that can be passed on to generations after them. So thank you for even considering me to capture such important memories for you!