Welcome Baby Maddox!

Ok let me just start off by saying that I was completely HONORED when Angel asked me to take some photos after they had their baby boy! I was suppose to go to the hospital and take some photos after he was born, but little man was stubborn and decided to stay in his mommas belly a little bit longer! So while I was at a wedding, Angel was being a bad ass momma and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! When I got the text I was sooooo excited for her, but bummed I couldn’t take the pictures she originally wanted! But we decided that I would just come over and do an in-home session, which I’m so happy we decided to do! In-home sessions are more relaxed, you can take your time, and baby (and parents) are way more comfy!

So let me give you a little back story on this family… When my husband and I first moved to Washington, we were moving all of our things into our house, we had out a huge dresser and there was no way in hell I was going to be able to move that with him.. then walks up Aaron (and little Jaxson) and Aaron offered to help move all of our things if I just hung out with his toddler.. umm YES PLEASE! Then a few months later I finally met Angel, and ever since then we have spent every thanksgiving together and they have become family to us. Angel is one of my very best friends and I love being apart of her childrens lives!

So now that Angel had Maddox and I was on my way to go take pictures, I was low key NERVOUS! I wanted these photos to turn out perfect, I wanted Angel to love them…. and this was my first newborn session! So yeah, freaking out a bit. I spent a few hours at their home and clicked away! I absolutely love how these photos turned out and I am soooo happy to share them with you! Can we all agree that Aaron and Angel make the cutest boys?!

Try not to get baby fever while looking at these photos….