Delaney + Tom

These two…. how cute are they?! Delaney and Tom reached out to me over a year ago.. like a year and a half ago, right when I was starting to book weddings for the first time. They took a chance on me and I am forever grateful to them both. We scheduled their engagement photos 7 months after we first met, and when we met up to take their photos it was like we were life long friends. They are the most easy going, full of life couple! We found this really cute spot in tall grass to take photos and Tom got eaten alive by the mosquitos. Sure I got a few bites, but I want to say that Tom got over 25 bites.. poor guy, the skeeters just love him haha. Delaney bought the most beautiful teal dress for their photos and I almost asked to buy it from her, it was GORGEOUS and fit her like a damn glove. You know how I knew that they were my kind of couple?.. when I made them lay in the grass for photos.. totally worth it, and they were down for anything! Delaney and Tom have so much love for each other and it radiates from these photos, from the beard tickles, the warm embraces, and the sweet, tender kisses. I cannot wait to spend their wedding day capturing their love all over again!