Michelle + Nate Engagements

Where do I even begin with these two?! I first met Michelle and Nate ( and their freakin cute pit, Molly) a few years ago when I started on my photography journey. I did family photos for them and I was so incredibly nervous, low key freaking out inside. I made my husband come with me because I was so nervous. After spending time with them they instantly made me feel comfortable, and of course Molly helped! If anyone knows me they know how I am OBSESSED with pitbulls. Anyways, fast forward to a year later, Michelle was contacting me to shoot her wedding because girl got ENGAGED! I was so so soooo excited that she wanted me to capture the most important memories for her! So we scheduled her engagement photos, I drove up to West Seattle to meet up with them, carpool to hop on a ferry and go and take their engagements. Buuuuut that didn’t quite go as planned, the ferry line was so dang long that it was going to take us HOURS to get on it, so quick change of plans! We hopped on the freeway and drove to Rattlesnake lake, and honestly I am so happy with how these photos turned out! And lets also take note that Nate got us there VERY fast haha, but I hate slow drivers so I was all for some lane changing. So we get to Rattlesnake, they get dressed, and we do the damn thang. We walked around, they drank beers, and let Molly run around…into the water chasing birds. HAHA. Gosh I love that dog! We got eaten alive by mosquitos but it was worth every single bite because we just had a damn good time! And also can we please appreciate how BEAUTIFUL Michelle is?! Nate you are one lucky man! On our way home they treated my 9 month pregnant self to burgers, fries, and ROOTBEER FLOATS (insert lip licking emoji). Now can June hurry up so I can capture their wedding day?!