Rachel + Lukes Mount Rainier Engagements

Ok Rachel and Luke.. can we all agree that they are the cutest, and incredibly good looking couple?? Yeah, I know, its annoying how good looking they are. Rachel reached out to me to shoot her wedding, we met up at Starbucks and instantly clicked. Her and Lukes story of how they met is one for the books, they have so much love and respect for each other that its hard to not fall in love with them. We ended up taking their engagement photos up at Mount Rainier, and don’t forget I’m 9 months pregnant, walking all around Mount Rainier (for sure thought I was either going to die or give birth right there). Neither of those happened, thank god. So as I am taking photos of them being all lovey dovey the tourist are walking by and just straight up STARING.. typical for that location haha. Rachel goes on to tell me that she is so awkward when taking photos so she will need my direction to help her out, no problem.. but what Rachel didn’t know is that she is a NATURAL in front of the camera, she’s gorgeous ( I mean look at her HAIR!) and Luke helped her feel comfortable, along with me making them do weird things to get her to loosen up. Welp it worked, their photos turned out amazing and I was so happy while editing them. You can honestly feel their love and can feel how much fun they have when they are together! Ugh now I can’t wait for their wedding day!!