Tori + Cooper - Alder Lake Engagement Session

Alright, let me just start off by saying that Tori and Cooper are the coolest couple ever! They are HILARIOUS, crazy in love, and know how to have a good time! Tori reached out to me to shoot her wedding (YAY!) and when we met up for coffee to talk about her wedding day more we instantly clicked! She is so down to earth, super real, and just a really likable person. When we started talking about her engagement photos she really wanted snow…well its winter and were in the PNW so that wasn’t going to be hard to find! We decided to go to Mount Rainier.. that was before the 2019 snowpocalypse hit! We got SOOOO much damn snow, Mount Rainier was going to be pretty much impossible! So we just decided to drive towards that area and pull over wherever we though would be good. Then I remembered Alder Lake and how beautiful it is out there, tree stumps galore, gorgeous water, surrounded by hills and THERE WAS SNOW! Thankfully it was just enough to look good in photos and we weren’t sinking in it! I told Tori to have Cooper bring some booze… because engagement sessions are way more fun when theres alcohol involved, plus it warms you up and loosens you up! So if you ever have a session with me I WILL recommend that you bring some alcohol, haha!

Their session was honestly SO. MUCH. FUN! It was the first session I had done since getting back from maternity leave, so I was straight up NERVOUS! But these photos exceeded my expectations and I am so happy that these two were my first session back! They made me laugh the whole time, they did whatever weird thing I asked them to do without any questions, and they just had fun with it (which is exactly the attitude you should have when getting your pictures taken)!

Cannot wait for their wedding in July! Heres just a few of my favorites from their session, and a few that really show off their personalities… especially Coopers..